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Unusual transport

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I have found it much easier to cycle to my takeoff sites, all of which are within a 3-minute ride from my house - a bit too far to walk with all my kit, but a bit too close to drive.

It saves me dismantling the cage to fit it in the car, and I easily carry my glider and bits and pieces in my bike trailer. Works a treat, but certainly gets some funny looks :shock:

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Is that en electric bike?

Yep, it's my transport to work. I cycle 20 miles a day on it and it means I still get some exercise (it's like cycling on the flat all the time even though there are huge hills all the way to work) while not having to shower and get changed at the end of each commute. Brilliant. Plus of course it means not spending any money on petrol as a bonus.

And as an extra bonus it makes it much easier cycling with a paramotor on my back!

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