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flew my Bailey v5 without oil

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I stripped the bolts to the oil filter cover and stupidly repaired it with a epoxy thread repair kit, because I did not want to wait to get it heli colied and mis a weekends flying.While flying the bottom bolt fell out and 80% of the oil leaked out. I flew for 45minutes and did not notice any change in sound or behaviour. I only noticed it when packing away.

How much damage would this have caused?


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If it sounds smooth when turned over by hand and there is no loss of power, you may well be OK. :-)

I watched a biker mate dump his oil on a GSX1100 took me about 5 miles (at vey fun speeds) to get the message over to him.

Engine was perfectly fine.



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Hi Jacool

Sorry too hear about your mishap....

Fill the engine with some more oil... Run it for a couple of minutes, Then while the oil is warm drain it all out Via the drain hole poring the oil into a funnel with white cotton material in it.. This will catch any metal in the oil. when all the oil is out lay the motor down and remove the cover and take out the filter and check for metal. If there is any metal in the oil it will be in the oil where the oil filter sit's . Tip up the motor and poor out the oil into a clean bit of material.. The 10mm bolt used to have a magnet in it Now for some reason they dont have them anymore????

I have been told there was an engine run for a fairly long period of time with very little oil and no damage was sustained.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the advise. I filled up with oil, ran it for 5 minutes and drained the oil, there was no obvious pieces of metal, but the oil was very dirty and there was a some milky white substance in the drained oil.

I flew for an hour with lots of takeoffs and climbs at full power, did not notice any loss in power or anythinging out of the ordinary.

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