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Old oil / fuel

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I put some petrol/oil mix into my fuel tank for a flight a couple of weeks ago. I put in 5 litres and I use around 2 litres per hour. I have flown for 2 hour since putting the fuel in, so I now have about a litre left in there.

I know a lot of people say that you shouldn't keep petrol/oil mix for very long as it can separate and you risk engine damage. So what should I do with the last 1 litre of fuel in the tank? Throw it away? Seems a bit of a waste. But then again I probably shouldn't add new fuel to it should I? Or is that just being over-fussy?

Do you run your tank dry on each flight? I would've thought that would be a bit of a pain unless you end each flight by climbing high above your landing field in order to run out of fuel.

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If your car has a cat in the exhaust its best NOT to put it in the car!! :-)

Modern 2 stoke mixed petrol lasts for months not weeks. :-)


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If you have a high compression motor, you have to worry about octane rating as well as the oil in the fuel.

Over time, the more volatile components of fuel leak through a plastic container, and the fuel becomes stale. A metal container is much better if you are going to store the fuel for any length of time.

In any ways, as long as you mix a good amount of fresh stuff with the old stuff (and thus raise the octane), you will be fine.

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Iwould start by saying a little wasted fuel is a small price to pay for such an enjoyable sport .and surley you don,t need telling not to run

out of fuel .because you then become a glider .So you have one liter left in your tank ,give us some a idea wot you would do,i would empty it out then add it a bit at a time to fresh fuel ,or stick it in your car ,not deisel .fuel dosn,t go off over night .there are addatives you can use to help keep fuel .personaly if in doubt chuck it :?

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