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Cornwall anyone ?

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I will be going down to Cornwall on Wednesday and staying thru the weekend 22nd to 26th May. The weather looks too windy ( great for Kitesurfing however ) until the weekend

The weekend is looking promising if anyone wants to join me. I will be in my camper with all the toys in the back. I normally stay at the Hale Beachside Holiday park and they let me fly off the bluff if they are not too busy or it is a quick walk down to the beach, but a bit of a slog getting back up. They have good cottages to rent quite cheaply in the off season and are a very nice family park for the wife and kids. Some kids are on half term so might be a bit busy

There are some stunning coastal flights to be done in this area.

Does anyone have Whitter,s phone number ? He flies down there and I have never got to fly with him yet.

I have thrown in some photos just to flavor the pot........In the middle of the second on is the Beachside Holiday park




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Surfing & Flying all on your doorstep all in Beautiful Cornwall - does it get much better??

Wish I could join you but I am stuck in Bristol at the moment, maybe next time



Well done Simon, glad your back on line, it was very much missed!! :acro:

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Forecast is looking really good here for the weekend for flying. I have been down in Hayle staying at the Beachside hloiday park and every evening after a good kitesurfing session in sunshine the wind has droped enough to free fly the bluff along Gwithian beach. The bankholiday weekend- half term combination is going to turn the area into a Zoo tomorrow.

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Gutted.. I left the SD card out of my camera. Beautiful flight along the coast around Perrenporth to St Ives. Saw a basking shark just outside the surf break on Gwithian beach and close to some surfers. Circled it for a bit... Would have made a good photo.

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Going back to Cornwall again this weekend and staying an extra few days ( 22 to 25 june) . Sat &Sun are big wave kitesurfing conditions, and then Monday and Tuesday look good for flying the coast around Lands End . I had a great trip last time and the weather looks about the same this time. You can see some of the flying in a video I posted in the photo section. Crystal clear water and sunshine. Flew with Richard Whitmarsh one time and alone from the Hayle Beachside Holiday Park which has a bluff you can free fly above the beach at Gwithian . Come and join me..

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