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Whats the problem?


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I'm guessing here but is it Gyroscopic Precession and / or Aysymetric Blade Thrust?

If you look at the motor its virtually horizontal when he takes off, so all it will do is flip over if it can, but it can't as its held in position by the pilots weight, so all it can do is twist the canopy round (one of Newtons laws - equal ond apposite reaction).

He was also using some brake and looking up and backwards as it took off......

But I think what ever he did it he had killed the motor or released the throttle the glider would have turned and he would have landed, rather than him being flown into the ground.......

I bet Francis would know :wink:

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...dunno but once I took off with a hard right hand side slip going on - when the feet left the ground my flight path went nearly 45° sideways requiring a good amount of left brake to keep course. About 100' altitude before I see the speed bar line caught in the split ring of the hang shackle of me over the shoulder J-bars (the port side). Freak out, not landing - like that's for sure - up to 1000' to sort it with 2 hands - going in circles all the while. Bit of a tug pulling the leading edge of a Revolution down (on really fast trim so to speak).

Looks like more than just throttle to me but...


Marko D

p.s. google GPS track won't cut & paste

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This one is a puzzle!

Can anyone identify the motor? Is it, unusually, a clockwise rotating propeller. If so I would say Asymetric blade thrust definitely. This puts a constant force yawing the motor to the left on a clockwise and right on a counterclockwise prop.

But most pusher props go counter clockwise.

If this is a counterclockwise prop the asymetric blade thrust would send him the othr way.

Gyroscopic precession would send him this way for a counterclocker but this is a temproray force that only acts as you tilt the motor. With this guy the force is with him all the way to the planet.

Its a big looking propeller disc, ...over powered? so torque effect putting a lot of weight onto the right riser? Or a speed system hooked up as Carvingair suggests?

I certainly agree that cutting power would have been a good idea but maybe the throttle is jammed by the speed system?

Does one riser look longer? is it possible to hook into a high hang point system at different levels?

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Difficult to see, but he seems to keep putting a right brake input, causing a turn to the right. Most noticeable a couple of seconds before he hits the deck. watch his right arm on takeoff. high but held out in front of him, can't see the wing at that point.

Might be wrong but it could be pilot input induced. Pity he didn't power down and abort

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