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Jock are you intending on flying if I turn up ?

haha/// As long as im not to fat to get of the ground with the gx200 yes & more than 12mins time for a record,20min at least,i will have a back up ppg as well if stewart is out he wants me to try his black devil bailey.will post tues eve if it still looks ok,,will have the minibus so if anyone has to land due to problem we can fecth them........

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Come on Carl, you've known Jock long enough now!!!!!

Many a time over the last 12 months I've been to Powick without a Jock show or flight. Looking at my flight log it's exactly 12 months since I last saw Jock in the air on a paramotor.

Despite that, I really do hope he flys, but ......

If the conditions are ok I'll fly down and fly back.


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