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Discounts At The Moment..


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Winter is here and sales must be slow.

Does anyone know who has the cheapest Revo2, 26m wings at the moment..

I thought this may be a good time to buy, or should I buy wing, motor and reserve in one hit for the biggest discounts. In which case it will have to wait a few months yet...

My thoughts are that it would be easier to ground handle practice what I was actually going to fly rather than carry on with the old wing I have at the moment where conditions have to be perfect..

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It's now the start of the season so not the best time to ask that question.

If you bounce a couple of dealers off one another you should do OK though.

Avoid mail order, opt for collection in person and a proper dealer check and hand over.


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Worth checking eBay regularly-you may get lucky. I'd been looking on & off for several months for the same wing as you. Managed to get lucky as a guy had just listed one. It's as new with low hours.

There's a lot of rubbish on eBay but sometimes you do get some good stuff from reputable sellers being listed too.

As everyone's mentioned, now isn't the best time for a bargain on a new wing, so maybe worth considering a good, second-hand one. And no, sorry mine's not for sale :lol:

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