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Easy Peasy PPG

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Before I learned to fly a PPG, during the research stage, I used to love watching videos that showed the delights that lay ahead.

I was quite intimidated by what I perceived was involved and sought out the clips that showed how quick and easy it can be to get airborne once you've learned and gained a bit of experience and confidence.

So here's one for the me that was (if you know what I mean) and for anyone else who would like to see exactly why the Paramotor is the best aircraft in the world.

Hope it makes you smile and pushes you on...




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Tape off all the pointy bits inside!!


LOL I have to admit it looks worse speeded up than it actually is. No pointy or oily bits, and it's lived in there since new (inside garage). I only use the CRV for paramotoring. At 20mpg (14 year old and automatic), I can't afford to run it for anything else :D

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