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iPad question


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Does anyone fly with an iPad on a flight deck?

If you do, how are you mounting it.

I'm trying to achieve the following:

I want a Google Earth style satellite image, with the ability to download sections, so no internet required, showing my current position, but be able to place a waypoint to exactly where I need to go. Ideally with a 'go to' feature giving me ETA and distance.

Does anyone know if this software exists for an iPad?



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A reminder,

Dear Paramotor Club members. As promised let's kickstart 2013 with a RunwayHD offer to all members.

25% discount for the app charts if purchased via the Thundercloud website.

What you need to do is.

1. download RunwayHD from the app store. (free)

2. Run the app and create a login when prompted.

3. Instead of buying charts directly from the within the app you need to,

instead login here. http://users.airboxaero.com/login.aspx

4. Buy any charts, inputting the discount code PARAMOTORCLUB2013 on

checkout to receive the discount.

I can also offer unlock cards that give users a years supply of CAA charts

and Pooleys for their RunwayHD app for £99. Please message me to order this.

Thanks very much to all of the Paramotor Club members! It's because of you all that the site is such a cool place.

Statistically we HAVE to have better weather for 2013 so here is hoping!


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