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Adventure parts

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Hi martin

Its made by idm and has the same look as all of them black box with two plug sockets one a four pin and one a two pin although only three pns inthe four pin are used and one pin in the two pin, Anything like the ones you use by any chance are they. :shock::shock::D:D

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Hi all,

Pete mate its a solo 210 engine. had a look at the link you posted interesting but I dont realy have the confidance in my abilitys in the elecrical area to make use of it. So will prob order a new cdi from adventure on mon morning.

V23nb cheers for the pointer to mojo but had a look through their parts list and the one thing thats not on it is the cdi unit so guess I'll be ordering from Adventure. Thanks for trying though.

Cheers everyone Col.....

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Just to bring everyone up to date got the cdi unit from adventure. Had to do a little re wiring as they had changed the design slightly but easy to do as long as you have the wiring diag. Banged it all back together, primed her up and pushed the button......... pause for effect.............. and she roared into life setteling back to a nice tick over.

Since then I,ve had a few flights and she's as sweet as a nut.

Many many thanks to Chris for the use of a corner of his workshop and all those nice shiny tools to use. Cheers mate was much appreciated as was all the coffee and advice.Top bloke.

So alls well and Im back in the sky roll on summer.

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