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Getting Started (West Midlands)

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Your best bet is to find some local pilots and go meet them. Then if your still hungary for it, ask them to recommend a school or instructor. I went solo on flex wings but ran out of money before getting to my test. Paramotors are so much more practical for me I terms of storage and running cost, and training was very cheap, wink wink, but that was my choice and NOT MY RECCOMENDATION!! ;0).

Have fun

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Few things in life are more expensive than cheap advice.

That's why I stressed its not my reccomendation. But the beauty of the sport is that it is possible. More so if you have previouse flying experience an understand your airlaw and met. I didn't teach my self but was tought by experiences pilots.

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Hi Darren...

I live in Essington, I fly from the rugby club over the rd from the fruit farm.

I don't fly from there that offten tho as I'm the only one who flys around our area.

Weather permitting I'm flying with a bunch of lads in Nuneaton Saturday.

Your more than wellcome to meet us there.

I did get permission to fly from Otherton air field but they wanted £300.00 a yr.

Inbox me your contact if you want to meet up ill give you a call


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