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Welcome to the Saudi Paramotor club. We are a fledgling group of pilots, both British and Saudi, struggling to overcome the ingrained fear of private aviation within Saudi Society and trying not to get shot at in the process! Don't believe everything you hear about Saudi on the news. It is a beautiful country with, in the main, very friendly people and it is a joy to fly here.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I can work out how to!

Alan Hunter

Mobile: 00966503162864

Email1: alan_hunter1664@yahoo.co.uk

Email2: alan.hunter@baesystems.com

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Actually it is not as bad as it looks. I was flying a couple of weeks ago just as the sun was setting and the views were absolutely spectacular. We chose the area in the photograph because it was so desolate and ideal for training and first flights as there is nothing to fly into (other than the ground).

When I get back to Saudi I'll post some more photgraphs.


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there is nothing to fly into (other than the ground).

and the van, cars, wind sock etc. :lol:

I must say that not having any hedges or trees in the area must make flying good fun. I can also imagine that the desert is pretty spectacular at either end of the day.

How about a sunrise / sunset piccy?


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how are you this is me mohammad lm very happy I am really happy to award these men From Britan.

I thank Mr. Allen and all the friends.

We are happy to meet with you and all expatriates here.

You are in your country and among your brothers.

Honour of your presence in this country always

I thank Allen again.I thank everyone.

Become sincere respect for all.

Some pictures of some friends

How beautiful times we take it in the desert withe us ... see the pic

mohammad one of saudi sky team .

With all due respect ... mohammad

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Hi Folks,

not too surprisingly most of our flying is done either early morning or late evening as we tend to get pretty strong winds due to the sun's heating - and, of course, lots of thermals and rotor. For the Westerners, we are delighted to have been given such a warm, friendly welcome from our Saudi compatriots - their hospitality is second to none, it really make flying here a pleasure.

Don't think we have all the best here though! We are now into our winter so early morning is very cold and getting colder (I saw -7C last year and it is predicted to get even colder this year). The big difference for us is little or no rain so, as long as the wind is not too strong, we are flying! Yes, we have lots of flat sandy areas but they tend to have lots of rocks sticking up which are ideal for damaging lines and wings if you aren't careful. We also have camel thorn - think of the most viscious gorse bush and multiply by 4! Having said all that, we generally have blue skies so it certainly beats being in the UK until we get back into our summer where we will see +40 to 50C - nice!

I will try to get some additional photos and put them on the sight in the near future. Oh, by the way, I had a sunset flight yesterday for 1 hour - it was excellent!


Best regards,


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Hello everyone,

I'm proud to have our representative in Saudi Arabia, my friends Alan Hunter.

I am happy to meet this person in the last festival of paramotor championship in UK it was a great time ,we enjoyed our time there .

Also I would like to thank you so much Alan about what you said .

Regarding to what Alan said that our religion urges us to be good morals with others ,but as everyone knows the media has tried to distort Islam and discredit the people who convert to Islam.

Saudi citizens want to say welcome to all our friends from all countries and we wish peace for all the world's cities

SAAD :wingover:

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