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Paragliding wing for ground handling


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Yes you can practice groundhandling with a normal paragliding wing. The knowledge you get from that will be useful when you start with paramotoring.

cool thanks, will I need to use it with a harness straight away? I will get one eventually but can i use it without until i find one?

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You need a harness, any old harness will do that fits on you, and a helmet. Also you need a good place to practice. A large area where the wind is laminar enough. It is much more difficult if the are objects nearby that cause turbulence.

If you try ground handling I suggest you learn from someone that knows how it is done so you don't get a habit of doing it wrong from the beginning. You need to know how to kill the glider in case you get dragged by the wind.

Practicing ground handling is very good way to get to know the glider and it's fun!. It doesn't teach you all, but it sure helps a lot.

Don't try paramotoring on your own though. A good course is necessary. It really is.

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Hi mate,

Your going to need a harness to ground handle a wing, however you can use a climbing harness or riggers harness with carabiners attached to act as hang points, these are a lot cheaper than a real harness although not as good for feel. You really need to get some instruction though or at least some one competent to show you the basics. I have a few flights behind me now but suffered a dislocated shoulder, broken sternum and ligament damage which still isn't right now! All this was whilst ground handling and a result of not knowing what I was doing, ie wind conditions and not being able to kill the wing properly.

When ever you clip into a wing you are at risk if you don't know what your doing. Don't worry though cause with the proper instruction ground handling is brilliant safe fun.

Cheers Lee.

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Hello pilots :)

i am a licensed Paramoter pilot and i just moved in to Sweden

and i am looking for a paramoter and/or paraglider club cause i really miss flying :( it's been more than 4 monthes

plz any one can direct me ???

note: you would be a life saver if u text me on whatsApp and send me ur locations " +46 764288807 " add me now plzzzzzz

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