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Ground handling wing


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Dear All,

A newbie quesion please;

I'm looking for a ground handling wing to supplement my training through winter. Can I buy a normal paraglider (one that's not designed for ppg) to train with? Does a paraglider perform (on the ground)any different to a wing designed for power?

It's just that I've seen quite a few cheap paragliders on flea-bay & being the miserly Yorkshire man that I am, I'm as usual trying to save a bit of brass.

Thanks in advance.....

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the offer - I'm interested but would appreciate your advice.

Given that it's DHV2 rated would this make it an absolute nightmare to ground handle as a complete beginner? I would hate to buy something that would be difficult to operate & make me lose faith or would it be more the fact that if I learned on a DHV2 I could progress to fly on anything & be a better pilot for it?

As I said - I am very interested.... :D

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