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Paramotor Training


How did you learn to fly a Paramotor?  

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  1. 1. How did you learn to fly a Paramotor?

    • BHPA
    • Independent Instructor
    • BMAA
    • Self taught
    • Other

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yes it could get quite complicated

eg of the "self taught" was that BHPA taught to fly but self taught power launch, as in my vote for self taught. Thats a big difference innit?

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I would say that you placed your vote correctly.

BHPA teach LOADS of PG pilots and are without any doubt the very best at that, but as you say, you taught yourself to PPG.

Still fairly interesting as a vote I think.


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Another thought.....

the majority are independent taught. There are 14 sorry 13 BHPA schools.....how many Independent schools? as many as 14? if less than that there seems to be a higher productivity rate in the independent sector.....is it the course fee? the ethos? the course content? the hassle factor?

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OK, last year in one summer season... I taught 19 people PPG I have 20 more on my books.

Anyone else happy to spill the beans as far as numbers?

I am of course independant / Paramotor Club.


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The results of the poll on this forum may not represent the general scene throughout the UK. Obviously, a great many of the students taught by Simon have responded to the poll.

I went down the BMAA route with Paul Blench in 1997. He must have taught quite a number in the past (or frightened them off). I don't know what he does now though, I have never heard his name mentioned in the last few years.



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