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Clubs or Experienced Pilots South Notts Vale of Belvoir?

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Hello all.. Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm new to all this so apologies in advance if wrong to post here etc.

Being a very new pilot and now (for various reasons) struggling to get back to Ashbourne (Airways) to fly after training there I was wondering if anyone had found or know of any groups who fly from South Notts, Vale of Belvoir who I could tag along at some stage and gain some much needed experience please.

I have also been lucky in locating and getting permission from a good farmer to use some land that he is happy to allow a few motors at a time right next to the old R.A.F Newton airfield. However it is seasonal due to crops and of course promises not to damage them, hard standing for several cars even shelter if needed. Just feel it would be safer flying with someone with alot more experience or at least being able to come to yours maybe gain some..

Any advice please?

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Hi Mdr2000

Im not from around your area but i do fly occasionally from Hucknhall, i think its about 20min drive from you.

It is a club, i think there's 15 or so ppg pilots that fly from it.

Your more than welcome to come and fly with us.. Im going to try and get there myself this week if you want to tag along.



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Just wanted to add a little note here to say a big thank you to both the Forum and Carl and all the lads for making me feel welcome at there field etc.. Just shows these forums work!!

Great evening of flying, great bunch of lads.. :wingover:

Thanks Guys....

Nice one mate, im sure there will be many more to come in the future too.


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