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  1. I've never had an issue... Ok hardy a hardcore flyer but regular and all year.. There's not a motor out there that won't suffer some issue or other at some time but find me any manufacture that builds maintains and looks after it's customers anything like Bailey does and I'd listen... I've heard all the horror stories about other manufacturers, I won't be changing to ANY in a hurry.. Mine starts, runs well, looks good, is frugal and powerful enough and light enough for my needs.. I've trashed mine once and thanks to great supply was all sorted in just a few days.. And what I couldn't fix with parts was done FREE at the factory by Paul Bailey himself.. Not many around like him I'm sure...
  2. Notice too, you got great service.. As does every bailey owner! Free barrel and piston.. Rarely hear that from other manufacturers if ever.. Take no notice, sounds like a cheap dig at bailey to me..
  3. Sad when someone tries to slate a tried and trusted design with rumours that clearly have no truth.. There's many a happy Bailey owner who has many many more hours on than 200 let alone 20.. Try saying the same with many other brands. Not to mention the back up you get if and when something does go wrong, the truth speaks for itself.. Small minded rumours like those are usually a result of a very small minded, small penis!
  4. Oops.... As above, cheap and really easy.....
  5. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keyw ... fshvy8fr_b
  6. Yep, knocking on the door introduce yourself and what you do, explain its very Eco friendly, no damage to land.. No intention of annoying the neighbours cattle sheep or crops.. Your not going to use the site too often, just occasional.. (hence several sites) then give them your phone number and details and give them a call in a few days time, worked for us so far...
  7. Have managed to locate three good sites in the last year.. The way round the farmers is to strike the deal by reminding them if anything goes wrong your flying from their land WITHOUT their express permission... You have land to use they are covered...
  8. Pmsl..... Hypocrite! Soooo, what he really meant was only he can have fun in his backyard! Oh dear oh dear..... Funny as f***!!!!!
  9. Can't argue there... First class service! I've had cage parts and a prop next day.. Not to mention all kinds of other stuff, not to mention some of the best advice anywhere...
  10. My only objection was the threats made and the 'my back yard' of course we all want things kept safe.. It's in everyone's interest to keep things safe. Can't imagine any of the people involved wanting or even risking harm to anyone, including themselves!! .... Easy to read shite in the papers and then cast aspersions and make irrational judgements, almost as bad as the crap written in the first place if not worse given the fact this is read by such a small community and rumours and the like spread like wildfire.. Maybe just get the facts right and then mention your objections in person when they next fly over your house too low and at night before burning out and crash landing in the sea ff's lol.... Jeeze!
  11. Your obviously not one to let A bad rumour ruin a good story! May have been the odd BBQ but much earlier...
  12. Lets look at the small picture too, threats to people who come to your backyard... Your backyard is a national park mate! As for poor airmanship it's also all over the Internet how someone (I won't mention unless provoked) managed to slam into a windsock that could just have easily been moved... People make mistakes, people have fun... Feel free to explain how your helping keep things deregulated by reposting the pictures and exaggerating a story already exaggerated by the petty press?
  13. At least she got to the sea bless her... So launched ok! Everyone starts somewhere, mistakes happen.
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