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Flickr Group- amazing!!!!

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Hi Gordon, These are taken in the infamous Mach Loop (google it there's tons of videos). I regularly go there to photograph the remaining frontliner aircraft. There are also low flying activities in the Lake District and of course the Highlands of Scotland.

Here's a few of my pictures.

I can redirect you to a specialist website where some of the low fly images are truly spectacular.









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Quite an amazing collection photos of low flying jets.

Occasionally we get military stuff fly near or right over the top of us, the fast jets tend to be between 250 and 500 feet.

We have had a slower twin turbo-prop that I'm sure was down at 150 feet :shock:

Cheers, Alan

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They're all cleared for 100' through the mountains. It's part of the fun getting higher so you look down on them. Quite often get the reds through too, in various formations :shock: Those and F-15's (Alot of the US guys are wary of getting too low due to the high energy turns they need to pull)

it can be an awesome couple of days up the mountains if the weather is nice. If it's not? well, you win some you lose some :wink:

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