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Just to say hello. I'm interested in paramotoring and hope to visit the Lambourn club with Terry W in the near future.

I live in Blewbury and work in Oxford. I've been in the army as a medic and done some parachuting although I'm getting on a bit. Terry can't stop telling me how good this sport is so I thought I'll try it for myself.

I may be able to help as ground crew in the tip to tip if you still require some help?

Looking forward to meeting you and getting lots of advice!

Russ Aitkins

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Getting on a bit?

If you can get to your feet with 25kg on your back and still have enuff puff to move you can jf do it!!!!!

I have a mate in the IoW who is pushing 80 and has only just quit paramotoring cos he built a 3 axis microlight.

Welcome Russ,


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Hi Russ, welcome to the forum, you will enjoy the Club and its fairly local to you so not to much travelling. Takes me an hour each way but always worth the trip. We will always need help on the Tip to Tip. Have a word with the group when you pop down to Lambourn.

Regards Mike

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Hi Russ,

Welcome to the Forum and the Berks. Branch of the club. I will look forward to introducing you to some of the club members down at out take-off/landing field at Lambourn.

Thanks for your offer of help with the Tip2Tip. I've no doubt that SimonW will sort out 'something' for you to get involved with the ground crew. (No you can't drive the Tank, as it's still a little wet.) :D

See Ya Soon


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