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Parajet Volution 1 Spare parts


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Hi All, I'd like to get my hands on a crankshaft for a Volution 1 to see if it improves my vibration issue which is becoming uncomfortable after an hour or so. Everything else is okay, for example, prop balanced, driven pulley seems good, no movement in the crank shaft.

This part is now discontinued and therefore considerably more expensive than the Volution 2 crankshaft.

Just wondering if anyone had one lying about I could buy. Would consider a whole engine if it was a reasonable price.



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That's a bit naff! :(

Do you think you crank is out of balance ? You could try getting it balanced? Might be a cheaper option than replacing it.

Mine runs so much better now I've rebuilt it a lot less vibration (mine was well out), but I've also been trying to get better at tuning and that's helped too. My low jet is now set closer to 1 turn than 1 1/2 fom the stop and runs a lot smoother :D


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I would go down the road of getting the crank tested/balanced by someone who does it full time Stu.

Be cheaper than a new one by miles!!

Try giving PM Tuning a ring, I think they did some work on these motors for Parajet?

Who knows, they may have something laying about. Should also be able to sort the crank for you!

Most of their work is single cylinder 2t 'peds.


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Thanks for the tips Guys. I did get it looked at last year with the aim of balancing. The engineers said it looked out of balance by their calculations but needed a "ratio" to confirm. Parajet couldn't give me the ratio they needed so they just straightened it a fraction and re-built it.

I / they were worried that because it was out so much, that without the ratio, the couldn't be sure it wasn't designed like that. They reckoned 99% of cases work by the same ratio though.

I'll perhaps speak to PM Tuning to get a quote for balancing. It was £270 for the stripdown and straightening from the last place - a bit steep!


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