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Fighter Pilot HUD for paramotoring

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Well it's been a while since my last invention… so hopefully this one will make

up for the wait:

Some of you may remember I modified a pair of video glasses, making them

monocular, and mounting them on a mic boom, so that I could pull it in front of

my eye occasionally and check that my goPro was recording what I though it was


It worked pretty well, but I've now moved to a new helmet… in part due to

bouncing down the side of a Turkish mountain on my head with the old one…. I'll

save that tail for another time.

I started doing the same thing - mounting the boom on the new helmet… then I had

a bit of an epiphany - as a side line in other hobbies that can eat money - I've

recently got into quadcopters - building one up that will fly my Gopro, adding

live video feed and video goggles to I can fly it remotely by video, etc….

Well, one of the things I got was a 'Cyclops OSD'. These are about 80 quid, and

sit between the video camera (e.g. go pro) and the transmitter.

The OSD has a GPS, and adds on screen graphics to the live video - altitude,

bearing, speed, vario, distance from home, direction to home, time in the air,


Nice to have stuff for RC flying by video….

Coincidentally, also exactly the information I need when flying my paramotor!!!

Yup… you've guess it - Mk2 Helmet is a full live video HUD with real time

telemetry graphics for all the above data.

It means I don't need to bother with a phone strapped to my arm anymore, it has

no problems viewing in direct sunlight, it's available all the time (I just look

up to my left and its there), plus I still get the go pro output for framing my


As the HUD is focused at infinity, it also work really well with both eyes open

- the graphics appearing to be suspended in the air in front of your face.

It has passed ground tests (my neighbours now just turn a blind eye when they

seem me with something like a helmet on running up and down the road)… and will

be trying it on my next flight.

video here - still shots of the helmet and the HUD output at the end:



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Kin.. ell :shock:

..now all we need is an X Wing fighter and R2D2 .. so when will they be ready ? :lol:

Seriously.. something tells me you may have a market for this if you can produce an after market fixing kit that looks swanky and can be fixed to different helmet and visor combinations.

Hell even the paragliding fraternity could find a use for it :wink:

Good job for strechting the boundaries of whats possible !

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Nice one Stu.

We are using an Octocopter here at the moment and I am having problems setting up the OSD to feed back to the Ground station.

Are you like a propper geek with this stuff and likely to be able to help? LOL


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