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I am looking for a new exhaust for my Radne Raket 120 engine and have found some Rotax exhausts online but I am unable to find the flange to fit onto the Raket engine.

I can only find a Rotax flange which has a round opening (shown below), but the Raket has a rectangular opening :|

Anyone know where I can get one?

Rotax Flange


Rotax Exhaust


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Unfortunately Radne only sell the Rotax flange which is round on both the front and back.

The flange I need has to have the rounded front like the Rotax one (above) but a rectangular opening on the other side to fit the Raket engine.

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How about cutting the joint off the new Rotax flange, and welding it to the old Radne flange at the point where it rounds out?

Before you do though, The Rotax exhaust is tuned for a certain engine capacity and rev range. Is it a suitable match for your motor?

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