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powered paragliding vs. powered hang gliding

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I agree finding someone that has done both will be hard. However as for safety they both have their pros and cons. Is one safer then the other....... not sure but I don't think so. As for flying with convenience a paragliding wins hands down

Hang Gliding

1. Is normally done in groups

2. Need a good size truck with rack for glider

3. If your good you can assemble a glider in 45min

4. landing you need another 45min and you need to carry all your parts to truck once you retrieve it. This is where the group comes in. One truck to pick up all the out landings.

5. No such thing as a quick flight

6. location needs to support a HG take off

7. Glide on a HG is great

8. Handles turbulence well

9. Good in high winds

I think you can work through these point verse a paraglider or paramotor

The paragliders are really mover versatile and easy to work with. Then paramotors make it even better in two fronts

1. Don't need a mountain or to fly in turbulent air (thermals) if you don't want

2. Fly from really anywhere that has some open space. You can also fly and with no wind

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