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Mookraker HT-90E Radio from Maplin

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Hi, has anyone tried this radio?


I held one in Maplin yesterday, very small and light and it would apear to take the standard plug on my microavionics headset.

Good price too at £60

Just don't know if it transmits on 143.950.

Might buy it just to find out as my current radio is quite heavy / bulky.



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Hi Stuart,

looking at the details of this radio the speaker/mic connection is to the Kenwood standard. Also the spacing between the two sockets is 12mm.

As far as I know the Microavionics doesn't have Kenwood compatibility and the pin spacing is 10mm. Check it and confirm. I doubt that it will Tx on 143.95 straight out of the box.

See here for a review http://www.essexham.co.uk/news/moonrake ... eview.html

I am about to review a couple of Chinese radios, one of which also offers Kenwood speaker/mic connection. They are available from Hong Kong for under £30.

As appears to be the case with all these cheaper radios, if you have got a Yaesu/Icom compatible headset then you are going to need an adapter.

Cheers, Alan

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