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Motorcycle helmets

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Just a quick question...some years ago I went flying with a chap in a Thruster microlight, I found the spare microlight helmet and separate head set a bit bulky, and noted he had a rather tidy helmet set up.

It turned out to be a standard motor cycle helmet (open faced) in which he had installed speakers and a small boom mike from a motorcycle intercom. All fairly standard components and it worked rather well!

He got good engine sound attenuation and a very comfortable set up. Are there any problems with this approach for PPG? I was thinking the helmets would be heavier than a PPG/microlight helmet, but once you've added the headset I doubt there is much in it?

Kind regards

Cessna :D

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Adrian, get the Icaro Scarab fitted with the M/Avionics headsets, they are the dogs....

Pop over to shoreham if you want a looksee at the head set.


I have the same. sweat but $.

If $ is an issue get the Icaro Scarab plus Pelto ops III ear covers without the radio. I fly with my earplugs under the opsIII most times. Then save the $ and add the M/Avionics later


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