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One for the Mac people


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I have finally been pushed over the edge by my (crap) windows laptop and delved *deep* into my pocked for a mac :)) It's bloody amazing! why havn't I got one before now!

Although saying that nothing is where I expect and I can't seem to find anything :/ (no right click=odd).

Is final cut worth 200 quid?? not had a chance to play with iMovie yet.

Tom :)

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Buy a third party mouse and you'll have right-click.

Final Cut Pro is okay, the newer version is very different to all previous versions but evolving well since it was launched. For most people iMovie is all they need and is very very cheap (buy it from the app store for about a tenner).

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Do you mean the Magic Mouse Simon or the single click mouse? SIngle click mice need an option key pressed or using menus which is way too long-winded. Been using Macs professionally for 18 years and never liked the single button option (even though there was no choice in the early days).

If you can stretch to an A4 or bigger Wacom tablet then there's no looking back.

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Standard mac settings mate....

One finger on the pad is a left click and two fingers is a Right click...



Ah, the Magic Mouse. Unfortunately it is absolute rubbish on Mac Pros, one place where Apple really screwed up.

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I quite like the Magic mouse, especially the two finger tap to show all open windows! I'm so used to using windows that it will take a while to get my head around a new os (now I know how my gran feels)

Just had a play with I movie and it works perfectly with no freezing, bsod, reboots, swearing, stomping off in a huff :-) (amazing what 4 cores and 8gig of ram can do for you) I might download the trial for fcpx its free for a month, Simon do you use final cut ?

Tom :acro:

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