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Here is your Air Ambulance Video


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It amazes me how many people think that the Air ambulances are NHS funded.

I hope that this Tip to Tip will make a few more people aware of the fact they are not.


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The Air Ambulances are not funded by the NHS and it is a deliberate decision on their part to operate that way. It is because (amongst other reasons) that they are then not burdened by the NHS & Government politics which would tie them to operating in a certain way. They can also chose to go to incidents which really need them rather than for politically motivated or "league table" & government target motivated reasons.

It's great that "tip to tip" is supporting two great charities, one being "Air Ambulances". The Air Ambulances should be supported whenever we can.

I hope all that makes sense.

Martin http://www.airambulancecharities.co.uk/index.html

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