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Flight to Saberace in Rayne


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Well it was an intereasting day Sat, and expensive for one or two the flight to Saberace in Rayne 19miles was slow looking at my GPS the fastest over the ground was 12mph and it was a total of 1hr 34mins till in ran out of fuel 12lts worth at about a mile to go, although i circled Canewdon for 34mins before we set off so would have made it otherwise but maybe it was a blessing in disguise having to land out. The flight back with a 25mph plus tail wind was some what quicker 27mins and topped 49mph but have to say it was scarey real scarey, Russel droped 100ft at one stage and its an experience i not want to try again for a while, but saying that the Synth was rock solid all the way at one stage the trailing edge was in front of me and another time it went where it wanted to go as any input from me just made things more scarey so just hands off and let the wing do what it needed to no tucks tho and well for me i felt kinda safe but was glad to be safely down at Canewdon.

Have to say we were well looked after by the crew at Saberace and a big thanks to the newbie Matt for retrieving me and the bacon roll and coffee was most welcome, Clive and Dave both made it to the field and made a impressive arrival (will let them tell you more).


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yep it was an amazing flight, left canewdon early morning just after sunrise, the sky was overcast and grey as we made our way out we could see sunshine in the direction we were heading, once we got there all hell broke loose, the early spring thermals were biulding and we encountered some really rough air, we climbed to around 1500 ft and got above it but at that hieght the tempreture was freezing.

but it was at this point the I saw the suns rays coming down and lighting up the countryside below, I looked to my right to see Neilzy, his wing bright red against the green and brown of the fields below, I looked up and saw my wing lit up by the mornings sunshine, the air was smooth as silk at this hieght, I sat back relaxed and thought to myself,

"now this is what its all about, it dont get much better than this" :D

The rest of the trip was very cold, my hands were numb when we reached rayne, in too much of a rush to land I did too much at once, I was down to around 100ft, the wind had really picked up and I was busy fiddling with my trimmers, before I knew it, the ground was rushing up, I tried to hit the kill switch but with numb hands completely missed it, then I saw a ditch in front of me, even more distractions, trying to miss that while trying to kill the engine I completely cocked up the landing, I fell forward, the motor came forward and the top of the cage hitting the ground, at the same time my hand hit the deck and reved the motor, result, one broke prop and torn cage netting.

tottaly my fault, I should have stayed at hieght and got myself sorted, after one and a half hours of freezing flight I was in too much of a hurry to get down,

Still at leats I was not injured and walked away without a scratch, the prop can be replaced, the joys of paramotoring heh!

it was a flight to remember alright for a number of reasons, but still a great day out, cant wait for the next one :D

I will let Clive tell you how his day went :D

roll on the flying weather, :coptor::dive::acro:



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