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Langstone Harbour


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This link was sent to me by Richard symonds.... All Local Pilots please take note....

Do not fly in this area!!!!!!!

http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/Informatio ... 006web.pdf

I know that none of the Hambrook pilots fly in this area..


When I get a min, I will add this to our map. Although having read it it does not look like it is law to me. It looks like it is an advisory notice (That I think we should take note of) and I dont think that it is unresonable of them to specifiy 500ft. Although the radius seems a little large.

But over all I think this is a fairly balanced proposal, as we may use a path over Langstone to go to Portsmouth, Isle of Wight etc.

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I agree with Barry, I think it's reasonable to fly above 500' altitude (mean sea level) in this area. It shouldn't restrict us if we're planning to head for Portsmouth as we will be above 500' anyway.

It's advisory, so it's not a mandatory no fly zone (below 500') and the CAA will not prosecute if there are infringements. However, if someone flys into the zone and disturbs the wild life they could be prosecuted i.a.w. various wild life protection acts. And it will bring our sport into disrepute!!

There are a few nature reserves around HG/PPG sites that we have had to deal with for a number of years. Beachy Head springs to mind. It's never been too much of a problem but the key is to make sure everyone is aware!

I can print and laminate several copies of the chart and leave them in the tractor, if you like.



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