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While the weather is poo you may wish to keep on top of your kiting skills....

Datchet Steve and myself have used Windsor Great Park and its a top spot, nice wide open spaces, great for the wife and kids to enjoy a picnic (not at this time of year). Park police were a bit arsey until we explained we were just kiting not taking off then they were delighted to share the space with us.

There is a designated kite area just south of Windsor on the A332, first car park on your right as you leave Windsor.

You may even see some ultra high kites.....



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In the pub last night I secured "the nod of approval" to fly from a site near Brooklands, got all excited today only to check the airmap and it's inside the Heathrow SFC-2500ft class A airspace :shock: nevermind !

You almost made my heart stop Dan! I thought that maybe, just maybe, you had been drinking with someone from the CAA. ;) Sounds like it must have been a land owner instead.

There's nothing I would love more than to be able to fly from somewhere close to home though. Gonna have to be satisfied with Guildford and Wantage till the CAA give us a special VFR route out from Brooklands ;)


Dean Barker

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Hard luck Dan having your exitement dashed.

I got permission from a farmer to use a field about a mile away, flew from it twice then the farmer asked me to stop using it because his sheep in the next field didn't like it.

Oh well.


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Here in Japan, most flying takes place from riverbanks. Even though I'm quite close to Tokyo, you can get pretty much anywhere by following a river. They have vast flood plains, so you're always guaranteed a nice place to land.

The bank of the Edo River is about a hundred yards from my house... perfect for ground-handling practice. Our club flies from a nice stretch of the Tone River, about a 10-minute drive away, that we share with other members of the city Sky Sports Association.

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