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flying over portsmouth this morning


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looked like a fab morning to do it - was watching you from Gosport side (modern marina with a tall block in grey and red brick) - you went up the estuary and then turned towards Havant/Chichister - about 2500ft up I would guess

where do you guys fly from? - just starting out and would like to hook up and ask questions, if that's ok


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thanks for the reply.....

Am based in Gozzers only because I have been redeveloping St. mary's hospital in Pompey - otherwise I am buying a place near Horsham..... I see Steve H responded on this post (hi it's marek) - family commitments have meant that my training has taken a somewhat round about route (though this is due to end in Nov) - so have done an EP (to get my groundhandling sorted) and shall be looking to seriously start training with Steve H (if he'll have me :? ) in the next couple of months.......

Basically, I'll have no problem helping out - driving etc, if you guys would be able to answer questions etc...........I have a high hang-point RAD120 machine with a swing arcus wing (yup - not like you guys - but I had to start somewhere LOL).........

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Hi Marek

I am glad your getting training and not going it alone . Going down the PG (paragliding) route can take allot longer than PPG . YOU can always go down the PG route after you have your PPG rating...

Dont worry about what kit you have. If it's safe and get's you in the air thats all that counts!! :D You might want to think about a reflex wing when you has finished training or before as they are IMHO safer and allot faster...

Keep an eye on the west sussex section and the weather as both me and Seymore are very active pilot's in this area and you can come and pick our brain's.

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