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castle morten free flying


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Any decent height gain Jock? It looked a bit south all day until late on.

Who was the tree hugger?


1600ft ato was max lots of lift with nice sink.best day yet with m3.sean was the hugger he is new to pg,coulnt believe he was in tree on landing with all the open space at c/morten.wind was sse but the thermals pulled it smack on the hill. ppg at powick tea time think it was dan/////// pgs done well at milk hill ....

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1,600ft is excellent at CM. I've never had more than 400ft, but never flown it in thermic conditions, I've always used KS if thermic. I'm on the deck today, but see what Saturday brings. Richard.

yep ive been 900ft before at c/m but thats the m3 goes up like a goodun.never had a glider that feels so good esp in turns,,,,

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