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Something to check on your Parajet.


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Last week, when ground running my Volution, the rubber bung in the top of one of the frame tubes came out and was sucked into the prop at high revs. Whilst an unlikely occurrence, it is worth checking them as part of the preflight. Having said that, there's not much to check as they are push fit; mine were both in before the engine was started. Having spoken with Parajet, they have heard of this happening on a previous occasion so there may other times that have gone unreported. Their suggestion is to drill a hole and rivet them in, glue them in or remove them completely. Simon W has suggested using some silicone which is probably what I'll do.

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I think silicone will be eaten away by any spilt fuel you might happen to get on them... I would use an epoxy type glue or a 2pak resin if you can get hold of some (a good motor factor will sell you some)... Make sure you rough up the inside of the tubing with a bit of sand paper or even better a dremel so that it will key to it properly.....

I had this same problem to my bailey but i never had one go through the prop

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The reason I suggested Silicone is because of its non permanent nature.

I think you would be hard pushed to get enough petrol even close to the inside of a tight joint at the very top of a paramotor.

Morgy, try using a funnel ;-)


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