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Silhouetted on a cloud - my own rainbow...!

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Just read about it - thanks for the link. I remember now that I had read about it before: it is what Edward Whymper saw on his way down from the Matterhorn after the first ascent, during which 4 of his party died. He thought that it was an apparition.

it was hard to take a photo because the camera autofocus couldn't cope with the thin cloud, I had to quickly switch to manual. I got one just before in which you could see the whole wing but it was badly out of focus... I will make it my mission to get a good one now.

Fun playing around the clouds. Two more photos attached.



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Yes- if you know how it's formed, they are quite easy to re-create when the conditions are right. You can also get a similar effect on long grass when there is a lot of dew.

Careful when flying near cloud though, technically (legally) you shouldn't enter cloud- also reduces the chance of other aircraft spotting you.

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Good point - I am making sure that I play around the small fluffy ones! I recently spoke to a helicopter pilot who flies around this area who said that he descended through the cloud a few months back near Brecon and came face to face with a paramotor pilot who was flying just below the solid cloud base.

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