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Anyone on here got a v5 yet????


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Hey Morgy,

I've had a V5 for a couple of months now. As I'm a newbie, I don't have anything to compare it to apart from the parajet that I trained on. I've not had any problems with it. It starts easily and it sounds great! It's not too heavy and it gets me into the air very quickly (although I only weigh 65kg so best to get some feedback from someone less skinny!) Getting into the harness is extremely easy. (perhaps too easy as it seems to scoop me up the moment I get some lift so I have to make a conscious effort to stay upright until well clear of the ground) Fuel consumption seems to be very good. Other pilots at my field seem suitably impressed and are thinking of getting one.



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Dave - I have heard the V5 s*removed by admin* a lot of oil, is there any evidence of this on your motor?

There is a tube running from the cylinder head into the frame. There is a plastic end cap missing from the base tube on the port side and a small amount of oil appears to drain out of the frame at that point. However, I have not noticed a significant drop in the oil level after 10 hrs.

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Thanks for the reply goode400.

Glad to here your getting on ok with the v5.

Do you have any trouble with the pull start IE starting. I tried the demo model at Bailey and was SO easy but Mr carnet had a bit of trouble with his new unit when he came to our field. There seemed to be a nak to getting his motor started.

RE The little black bung's i have them on my v3 and they always come out... The tube your talking about that goes into the frame is just the breather for the engine... There will be a very small amount of oil that will come out.

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I don't fly the V5 but have the pleasure of the first V4 with the easy start system fitted (took delivery Nov 2010) which enabled Baileys to develop the V5. I am no mechanic but I believe the easy start principle is taken from 4 stroke motor bikes.

The minute amount of oil that is expelled through the airbreather tube in the frame is because the oil recovery disc now has a slot cut in it to accomadate the easy start mechanism. Paul Bailey showed me when I first queried the oil coating in the frame. I just have to remeber not to put it on the wifes best carpet :lol:

They don't noticably use any more oil than the the V4 without the easy start system. Done about 60 hours on my V4 with no isssues. If you like to cruise the sky for 3 hours on a 10 litre tank there is no competiton. :coptor:

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