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Good service - Microavionics, Kobra & Parashop !

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I had a strobe light fail earlier this year due to a faulty charge regulator on my paramotor. Finally got round to contacting Microavionics this week, and although it was non-repairable & way out of warranty, they sent me a free replacement (ex-demo) by next day courier ! Outstanding service !! 8)

Bought a budget flying suit from Parashop and had to return it after 6 months as some of the stitching came apart. It was promptly repaired and returned - with a complimentary windsock and new pair of flying gloves for the inconvenience. Thanks Paul. :wink:

By the way, the Parashop flying gloves are very well made if anyone is looking for gloves - just the right thickness for 3 season (non winter) use, with great tactile feel.

Also Kobra... I had a few minor problems with the new paramotor I bought last year, including the lower harness attachment straps tearing off. I bodged a repair myself, and had to wait a while, but just received an updated (improved) harness along with a brand new frame & cage (as the mountings are now different). All free apart from the shipping costs. :D

Now, does anyone have a spare engine, or need a lightly used frame & harness ??? :mrgreen:

This can sometimes seem an expensive hobby, with inflated costs because it is 'aviation' related, but great to know there are some genuine good people to deal with - even in a recession - so full credit where it's due.

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Excellent to hear positive feedback like this.

I have heard many compliment Microavionics service, but the responses from Parashop and Kobra are outstanding.

Well done to them and here's hoping more custom for all.

I had a totally free replacement for my intake muffler from Fresh Breeze when it developed some splits after only 6 months use. It was probably due to me securing it incorretly :?

Lets hear more good service, cheers,


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