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Kobra wings

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hi guys

first of all would like to say ive not yet taken up paramotor but i certainly am going to and was after some advice as i would at least like to have a ppg wing before i start my training.

ive got my eye on the kobra enjoy a beginer to intermediate wing which is semi reflex

now my questions for you guys is are kobra wings any good, and what is semi reflex, ive heard a lot of ppl dont like reflex wings and some say there dangerous is this true? if reflex wings are dangerous is it a bad idea to combine them with rookie pilots?

anyway all your thoughts on this matter would help me make an informed decision so thanks in advance

Ian :D

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The Kobra Enjoy seems like an ideal beginner wing (but not flown it myself, and it is only just released) - made by ITV, a very long standing and respected French company who make very good wings, not well marketed in UK but very popular in Europe.

Without getting technical, reflex refers to the profile of a wing and simply trades some lift for speed (hence used for paramotoring but not free flying). Full and semi reflex are just more or less of this profile. It is usually considered safer as it adds stability to the wing by reducing the risk of it pitching forwards and collapsing in turbulence.

Mostly it is one loud mouth in America who screams about reflex being dangerous, in order to peddle his own products in that market. The majority of paramotor pilots in Europe fly reflex wings - with an excellent safety record. Most new PPG wings (from the big names) have a full or semi reflex profile.

Good to be asking questions & (IMO) a Kobra Enjoy would be a good choice, but probably best not to buy any equipment until you have done some training.... a decent pair of boots & gloves would be my advice for now. :wink:

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I saw the Kobra wing fly at our flyin in it looked good and appeared very stable in flight it as Alan say's come's fom a good established supplier, but as he also say's really you need to get your self along to a instructor you will then start to build up your own opinion of what is good and not so good, you wont go wrong buying a Kobra but you need to know what sort of flying you want to do etc etc.

Find yourself a local trainer or find some local pilots its all part of the fun the research.

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thanks for the advice guys.

i understand were your coming from saying im best off asking the person im going to receive training from, but the guy i want to learn with also sells equipment and as any good businessman would try push his own stock. so i wanted to open up my questions to a larger audience.

so any and all advice at this time is greatly appreciated.

just out of interest aquatix what part of the north west are you in, im in crosby liverpool.

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Ah... - Ian - we've already spoken via Youtube..... :D

I'm just a few miles down the M57 from you and there are quite a few from around Liverpool, Runcorn & Wirral. "Slapper" on here is just a few miles from Crosby ...

Since you will probably be joining us you should come down to the field and meet up. If the grass is cut we will be flying from Ormskirk this weekend so not far, or maybe Wirral.

Most of us fly Dudek Nucleons (not a beginner wing) but one guy uses an ITV Tomahawk which is the predecessor to the Boxer / Kobra Enjoy. I've got a Kobra paramotor and between us there is a lot of experience of equipment, and the guy you mentioned training with. I would still say the Enjoy is a good safe wing option - slightly slower than the Nucleon but not an issue over the distances we tend to fly.

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Hi Ian.

Welcome aboard.

I live in Ince Blundell, so if you want to

PM me your number i'll let you know where

and when we're flying and you can come along

and meet the lads.

There's plenty of experiance in our group so you can get

some good unbiased advice.

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