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the beast lives


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Ok no need to show off /lol/ rg500 nows theres a bike worth having,,nice colection enzo..If you have the know how to rebuild one of them, i know who to shout,,,,,,,tls-tlr best wheelie bike ever.....im rebuilding by kids yzf426 at pres////////

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jock i only got the fireblade

enzo has the garage full of bikes, i am very jealous :mrgreen:

He's either got no wife or the best wife.. :lol::lol::lol:

The best sort of wife i thinks. but he ought to donate that rg500 to meeeeee///////////////


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The wifey is not good - she's great.

But, must come clean now......

Sold the 1400 to fund purchase of the flying 'hobby'!!

Sold the RGV 250 to fund the RG500...

And the story goes on.

The RG5 is fun, but the rims dictate tyre choice. And the suspension is 25 yrs old - well, the rear is now a Nitron race unit. Forks need to go up to MCT to be sorted.

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