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Volution 1 low revs a bit rough.


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I have a Parajet Volution 1 Compact which is excellent. I've aways had great service from Parajet. However, I find the low rev roughness, from zero up to 5-6000rpm, not much fun to use and wondered whether any other Parajet owners are bothered by this or have found a way of tuning it better.

Parajet have twice taken a look and said it's usual and should be like that. I notice other paramotors don't seem as rough at lower revs.

I've uploaded a video to YouTube, it is mostly without a picture (too dark for the camera to pick up much) but the sound after about 1 minute 30 shows what I mean - I know most of the usable power isn't this far down the rev range (before it gets onto main jet) but it would be nice for it to be smoother and nicer to use nonetheless.

I am in no way unhappy with Parajet in any way, this is just a question to other owners.


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It is running to rich on the low jet.

If it is well run in then you can adjust it, if not leave it for now.

The low jet is the one with the screwdriver slot in

Start your motor and warm it up then slowly adjust the screw clockwise until the motor drops the rpm or stops (if it stops open the screw 1/4 turn and restart)

When you open the throttle you want a clean pick up of the revs, if it stalls on the pick up then adjust the screw out a little and try again.

Do this until the revs pick up cleanly and your done.

They always seem to run a bit rough for the first couple of thousand revs any way. (unless you mod the carb)


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Cheers Pete. I had tried weakening the mixture a tiny bit but didn't want to go too far. The motor hasn't done that many hours so I'll leave it for a while and try your suggestion then (what hours do you suggest is 'well run in'?).

What's the carb mod you mention?

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What's the carb mod you mention?

I have done this mod on my Compact and it does improve the low running. But also having the tick over a bit higher prevents the motor shaking.

The mod is to take a semicircle out of the bottom of the butterfly disc. If you do try this mod be sure to order a spare butterfly from Rowena Carbs (http://www.rowenacarbs.co.uk/) so if you go too far you can replace it immediately rather than have to wait for it to arrive.

I think it works by concentrating the airflow over the slow jet in the base of the venturi rather than the wider half moon gap without the mod so the small amount of fuel delivered by the slow jet is properly mixed with the air before it gets to the combustion chamber?

One "how to" is here: http://webspace.webring.com/people/bf/f ... ation.html

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