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Alinco D17 reception issue......I think.

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Looking for some help please. I have an Alinco D17 which has been working but last night I couldn't recieve.

Transmits okay. The only way I could pick up a transmission was with squelch at 0.

I thought maybe it was my mate's radio but today I've been scanning and have not picked up a single transmission. I normally can get some HAM chat or other stuff.

Tell me it's something simple please :shock:

Many thanks


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Hi Stuart,

As a quick test hold your radio next to your computer and/or monitor.

Tune it to 144.00, or 150.00 or 140.00 or 130.00 or 120.00 and you should get some interference that will open the squelch.

If you get nothing then to eliminate the antenna being faulty use a piece of thin wire or a screwdriver blade just touching the centre connection of the antenna socket as an antenna (Don't transmit in this condition)

If you get nothing your receiver is probably dead.

Hope this helps,


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HI Alan, thanks for the tips. I tried near the computer and it didn't open the squelch. When I set the squelch to 0 the interference sounded slightly different next to the computer.

Nothing with the paper clip either.

I was going to send it away to get looked at, is it repairable do you think?

Thanks again

Stuart :?

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Should be, the fact that you can open and close the squelch with the control shows some of the receiver circuit is working.

Have you dropped it at any time?

If I was round the corner I'd have a look at it for you, shame as we've just had some friends over from Edinburgh :?



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