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Ozone Speedster 24 Review

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I am amazed he can do a review of this wing ....and then say I DIDNT fly using the speed bar ?? Surely a wing of this type needs to be flown with the speedbar at some point during a review... :? otherwise your missing a whole dimension of what the wing is capable of... :cry:

It would be better to call it a ( Half Review )

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Don't worry Gary - it's not a real review, just a another half baked comparison to the "world's greatest wing" from a 'WPPGA' mouth piece ..... at least they aren't claiming this particular reflex wing is a "death trap" ! :lol:

Haven't seen a bad review of the Speedster yet, and if it has the qualities of Ozone's recent PG wings it should be amazing !

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Seemed like a pretty fair review to me, he fully disclosed he didn't use the speed bar and detailed the strength and weakness of the wing from his point of view.

I for one appreciate his time for doing it and hope others follow. The more information the buyer has the better decision he can make. I feel with responses like yours could drive away future personal reviews, even if they are from people you don't agree with.


P.S. Not Dell supporter/mouthpiece

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No I disagree its like reviewing a 4 x4 and saying but I wont use fourwheel drive :?

or a camera review and not showing any photographs :?

or a how to use a new phone with all its incredible features and not showing how to make a call :?

(there are lots of those on you tube)

and as a result still dont know how to call somebody on my new phone

but i do know how to email take photos and videos connect to the internet ect, ect, ect


So a review without the important bits is not a review that tells the full story and that can sometimes be critical in making a choice :?

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Pretty harsh there gentleman. Thank you Shawn for your positive comments.

Its my glider, I bought it to test out and see what all the hype was around it. Its being compared to the k2 because I have been flying the k2 for 2 years now and its my every day glider.

The ozone speedster is proving to be a very cool wing, I'm liking it a lot. What I really like is that I will be able to use speedbar at any point in the trim range and can still use brakes at any point in the speed range as well.

I hope to fly the speedster a bit more in the next wieek pending weather of course and will report back with more info - speedbar, power usage and anything else anyone would like to know.


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Little update- Still only getting about 31 mph out of the speedster with trims set to fast. I am a bit dissapointed its not quicker but still enjoy its faster speed than other glider I have flown so far.

I was hoping to get closer to 35mph with just trimmers...

I set up speed bar but its not going all the way out at the moment so I will try and report again tomorrow after I readjust. I was seeing about 36mph avg from the gps today wit speed bar about 2 inches short of being all the way fast.

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