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Long Hair and props


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My training did make me aware of this potential hazard but as yet I haven't heard of any long hair getting tangled in props. But there was a case of someone, in the uk, who had a rather unpleasant experience with his hair getting wound into a prop last weekend.

Be carefull

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Be careful....quoted from PPG forum...

The Chap, Neil, a friend of mine is fine. Just out of hospital today. After a rather "Keen" pull on pull start machine sprung into rather a brisk start and he kind of recoiled back towards machine. Unforunately he has very long hair and wasnt wearing a helmet!!...hair got dragged into prop followed by his head!!!basically hes been scalped on crown but nothing broken....moral of the story..wear a helmet and start on your back!!....I have the pictures and not good viewing!!



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