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Yankee from across the pond needs help!

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Hello all, I'm in the US air force and been stationed at Lakenheath. I've been looking into paramotors for about 5 years... and have finally got the wife's approval, and money for a kit and training. The problem I need help with is that for the past year here in the UK I've been scouring the forums, classifieds here, craigslist, ebay (US and UK) and am having horrible luck. I have literally sent out around 25 email's to adds that have popped up other forums, craigslist, and even PMC.org- all with no replies. I resorted to buying a motor a few weeks ago from the US- but due to strict sizes allowed to be shipped my cheapest option was at +500$ with UPS and the seller canceled the auction because he didnt feel comfortable. I'm also unable to post in the wanted section of these forums for some reason. SO! I weigh 91kg, and am looking for a 1st motor and wing in my range. Preferably a simonini, but also intrested in PAP125, MZ34 or whatever else might be reccomended. I'm not a big fan of dell and his propaganda, but I'd fly his flat top if I found one reasonably priced. As for the wing I've been trying for a paramania revo2, synthesis or Cima K2.

Minus the 900ish quid for training, I have 2000-2800 pounds left for the motor/wing/reserve and safety gear. I'm also looking for reccomended trainers in the cambridge/mildenhall/lakenheath area. Due to my work, I could make the drive a few hours away, but it would need to be near a hotel and be able to do all the training at one time if possible. Mainly because i would have to schedule time off and it's hard to get the days unless it's all at one time.

The End. haha

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And welcome to the forum.

I would say leave buying kit till you sort out training and done some. Most instructors will have at least groundhandling kit and its not too hard to find those that will have and allow you to use the school paramotors for your training. Usually on a you break it you fix it basis.

It gives you a chance to try the kit and expert guidance in your choice of purchase.

Hope thats of help.

cheers col 

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thanks for the help guys, i'll check into uptimal definatly.

@wee- the reason I was trying to get stuff now rather than later was mostly to learn on my own machine. Some of the trainers online also said that personal equipment wasnt available for training and I'd need my own. I'm built like a tank, so I'm not too worried about motor weight , just that it has the power I need. As for the wing, I learn VERY fast and from my reading i think a reflex would be best for me. Obviously if during training if a relfex isnt for me, i'd trade up for whatever they reccomend

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We have the kit here for pilots up to 140kg.

Most decent (full time) schools will have the kit you need. Don't buy your own until you have done some training, you will most likely end up with the wrong stuff.

Any why use your own motor ro learn when you can use the schools units?


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