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Any info on a a Paramainia Action NOT gt

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Hi all ,

I'm still quite new to the game and wanted to upgrae my wing - i've been offered a paramania Action L (not the gt) for aroung the £1200 mark - As new condition only been out of the bag for a couple of kiting sessions. Im 85kg and fly a parajet macro. :)

Colour scheme is "Beech" and wing comes with manual, spare lines and repair patches

I cant see on the internet what certification these wings have and would like some advice on the wing and to see if its worth the asking price.



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Try here for info


It is a 2002 design, originally by Dudek.

Here is the blurb on certification:

In the beginning of 2003 Action has been put through a series of AFNOR tests. The wing has been doubly classified: STANDARD with trimmers in a neutral position and PERFORMANCE with trimmers off (at greater speeds). Double classification is granted to the dedicated PPG wings, which are characterized by having great trimmers range and, consequently, sizeable speed range. If Action were to be viewed as a classic free-flying paraglider, it would be awarded Performance category. What's more interesting - a wing while being at maximum speed (trimmers completely off) did not tend to either frontstall, or spiral dive. The reason for receiving a Performance category in a "detrimé" position was... B-stall exit.



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