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Looking to Jump to the Skies!!

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I have been looking at paramotoring for such a long time even acquired multiple DVD's including Fly Another Day which is a real motivational driver. I currently have a Thruster T600N microlight and have had my NPPL though it is now not current and need to revalidate with a GFT but have not flown for such a long time due to time, airfield access, costs etc etc.

I am considered changing to paramotoring with the flexibility and portability I don't seem to get from microlighting and cost saving not having hanger fees, on reduced fuel consumption from 17l per hour!! I am based in the Northumberland and wondered if there were any instructors close by? The only experience of paramotoring is a half day wing handling (with zero wind) - thought my lungs were going to burst!!

Do you feel it is worth the change across or just revalidate my licence? - Any comments welcome!



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I cam across from Microlighting and have never looked back. Don't get me wrong I'd still like to fly a microlight occasionally, but all the associated costs along with rigging and de-rigging just spoiled it. I used to fly a Flash 2 Alpha with a 503, burning 11 to 15l per hour (1 or 2 up) now less than 3l per hour so fuel cost is not even a consideration any more, plus there's none of that annual paperwork to get done, who needs more paperwork in life anyway?

Most importantly, paramotoring is much more fun! Low and slow, checking out the intimate beauty of the countryside is much better then high and faster looking at a map and doing all that RT stuff.

OK the flying window is much smaller, you can't really plan ahead much you really need to be ready to go fly as soon as the weather looks good, but you can throw it in the back of the car (roof box) when you go on the family holiday, even pack it in your suit case and take it abroad. IMHO there's nothing better, definitely the most smiles to the pound anyway.

Can't help with the Northumberland instructors though I'm afraid.


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Thanks for your views. I will try and not to jump!!

It certainly looks more fun, and all the DVD's I have seen to me reflect the true nature of low and slow to enjoy the experience. To fund this will have to sell or part ex the Thruster for equipment and lessons - but insurance, permit and hangar cost as well as other operating costs are stretching me too far.

Hopefully my next contract will enable me to be down south to learn with SW ;-)

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