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ROS paramotor engines

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I have just been reading "Leisure Aviation" 07/08 edition in the

paramotor section Back Bone paramotors are using the ROS engines they

have a ROS 200 with quote "40 HP" has any one seen this engine ? is

this possible or is it a misprint.

p.s. anyone have any experience with the ROS engine good or bad what

Iv seen of the smaller versions they run very very well.

many thanks Miles

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One good, :D one bad :x ,and one that sits in the garage ??? :oops:

the good one is very very good (never goes wrong)

the bad one is bad very very bad (always goes wrong ) Siezed at the moment

and the one that sits in the garage we dont know about yet... its one year old and still has the same fuel in the tank since new ????

and we just carnt talk the owner in to coming flying with us ....bad leg, ill, too windy, working, holiday, wing is wet, looking after the kids

going out for a meal, car wont start., wifes got the car, shopping, doctors, ect ect ect

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We are on the end ?

the Very Very end of North Wales (Abersoch ) area .... The Next landfall is Ireland :shock: ...Just within reach maybe ??

Loads of take offs .............and lovely MT Beaches ..........get yourself over here one weekend........

pap 125.......... (The good one ) :)

Skywalk Scotch

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NZ is an awesome place.

Patti (my wife) and I spent a couple of months touring the South island a couple of years ago.... Nearly moved out there!!!

Great time of year to go as well


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Never been to the South island ? everybody says I should ! but its the North Island for me ....Ive been there every year since 2000

so its no 8 for me this year ...So I am Doing my bit for global warming :) ???? I want to move to NZ but my girlfriend wont :cry: so if I keep going maybe she will get the message and make the move one day :roll: Its a battle of minds at the moment :wink:

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will arrange a trip over when you get back, spent several holidays over that neck of the woods- morfa etc , I love it around there. NZ, lucky you- I have been 3 times fwith work approx 4/5 weeks each time- one of the very few countries I would move to (Austria is top of my list now- I have a holiday pad out there- great free flying :D:D )

have a gret trip & get in touch when you get back- would love to come over for a weekend.


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