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Macro Prop.


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All, A bit of Parajet Macro news,

I was talking to Gilo about Props for the Macro yesterday, we hope that before the end of Febuary we will have the first set of the 'new' 2008, 3 blade prop for the Parajet Macro.

The mould is made and everything is on track.

The end result is, more thrust, quieter, than the pulse 2 blade, less revs required, better petrol econ.


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Simon, this sounds like great news, can't wait to listen to the change in volume of your Macro.

Will be freeflying now on Sunday but will pop in later for chat if your free.

Colin, how did you manage to fly on Xmas Eve, Scottish weather is getting better than ours haha. Jackie says did you bring back a Haggis haha.

See you all soon


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Spoke to Giles about this today,

It will be on the market soon ( a little delayed due to tweeking )

It will be sold as a bolt on 'goodie' and will include a new reduction drive to make the most of of the prop.

A bit of Macro news that may interest some is that we can now supply (WOODEN) pulse style props with the turned in tips. (Price soon) but an ideal spare.


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Beg forgiveness if this is elsewhere - reads as an old thread, but didn't see it anywhere else.

Macro prop specs available?

I've seen pix of the carbon scimtar tri-blade design, and am curious about a mini2 retrofit.

Who wouldn't like to drop rpms a bit and be quieter doing it?

Simon: Do you have one or specs thereof?

Bolt number and circle diameter

Center Hole size

Redrive recommendation (per your kit mention retrofit)

Info including price is welcome.

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