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Do I Buy New or Second Hand Equipment - a Newbie from Kent?

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Hi Everyone

I am waiting for the weather to turn and start my new adventure in the skies. I am however in a dilemma about buying kit new, second hand or going to a school with loan equipment. The problem I have with loan quipment is the small fact of still being built like a rugby player (I stopped playing many years ago but I still maintain the size and weight of a second row) and top the scales at 105kg. Some of the schools I have spoken to go quiet when I mention this and say that I will have to bring my own equipment as they dont have motors or wings to hold my weight in stock :-(.

I am reluctant to buy new equipment for my training as I know in my heart of hearts that I really want to fly the way you guys and girls do, but what if I am simply not good enough to continue, despite my enthusiasm. I could have a very expensive set of equipment to sell and lose some hard earned cash on re-sale.

I would really appreciate some guidance on this subject and would like to know what your advice is for the following questions:

1. If I was to go 2nd hand what websites would you recommend?

2. If I was to buy second hand is there a place/company that could check out the motor/wing (I would of course expect to pay for this service)?

3. Is there a school/club that sell and service motors and wings and give a warranty for the goods sold?

4. I have been looking at manufacturers websites and the motor and wing I am looking at after a little advice is the Fresh Breeze Simonini and the Synthesis 32 or 34. This is the route I was thinking of taking should I take the new set up way, is that a good combo for me?

Thank you for taking you time to read this posting and looking forward to hearing from you.



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Hello Popgeddy

When I weighed 103 kgs, last year, my Flat Top 200 and 26 metre Sky wing gave me a climb rate of 550 ft / min. A claim that few can make. And I have the video if you want to see it. No help from thermals either. If I were you (and I am close to your weight) I would learn with a really efficient freeflying wing with easy launch characteristics. They aren't as fast but will get you off the ground smartish. When you have the skills, later, you will probably be able to launch a Synthesis,even with a motor less powerfull than a Flat Top (thats most of them) Or your instructor, who's still likely to be a mentor, if you live close enough, might feel you could jump to a more efficient reflex wing, if that's what you want. And new ones come out every year. Good luck

ps I know a guy who's selling his 200 cc very powerfull paramotor that never breaks props and sips fuel for a 3 hour flight

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Hi Mark,

I am around the same weight as you and 6'6". I bought (and sold) 2 good pre-used machines that were more than adequate for my weight (with regards to power) but ultimately weren't perfect due to the harness sizing. This will be your main hurdle with regards to buying secondhand as it sounds like you may need an XL harness - and they just aren't as abundant as smaller sizes.

A 34 Synthesis would be a great choice of wing. I (mildly) disagree with Dave about learning on a 'classic' wing. I did, simply because I was already paragliding and had one available, but quickly grew tired of being left behind by everyone flying reflex wings. Yes, they are easy, but a modern reflex wing is just as easy to learn on and will last you for years to come.

An alternative would be a Paramana Revo 2 which is newer design, better safety rated, lighter and even easier to launch than a Synthesis. I also happen to be selling an almost brand new one in your size .... :wink:

For engine choice, anything from a Corsair Black Devil upwards would do the job (25Hp, 70Kg thrust), so an F200 or Simonini engine would be ideal. My Kobra is a bit too powerful and would blow a Flat Top back to Utah (sorry Dave :P ) but they do make smaller ones.... Saying that, a FT is not a bad choice as they are built for lardy Americans who like to land on their asses, so should withstand any inevitable knocks while learning. Kobra, Parajet & Fresh Breeze also have strong frames, and the new 'British Bulldog' would be worth a look - but before buying anything you would need to decide on hang points (high, low or active) and get to look at them, speak to some owners and preferably try them for size / weight / comfort.

A decent school should be able to provide suitable equipment to learn on, and remember, we are normal size - its all those small people who are abnormal ! :lol:


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How you doing Alan? I haven't flown the Revo 2 but it sounds like it might fit. The Nuc seems efficient on slow trim but still fast TO's and landings in nil wind. Not a learner though.

Glad to hear you're getting lots of power from the Cobra. It's the same motor , gearing and prop as mine (unless it's the super mini 2) In which case it probably would blow mine right back to Utah :) Infact, my new FT Ninja is SO Light, that just about any other unit could blow it around :lol:

Probably best if Mark has a go on some school gear before he buys any.

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Hi Dave - I've got a Revo 2 and a Nucleon :D - the Revo can be slowed down a LOT more on the trimmers (wider range), it then behaves just like a classic paraglider - agile but with firm, positive brake pressure - so great for a beginner. The Nucleon on full slow is still very fast and brakes are light, so needs experience.

Trims off they are both great high speed cruisers but the Nucleon will still do sharp banked turns with the brakes & ALC at speed, whereas the Revo turns more gently.

My Kobra isn't the mini2 or even the super - its the EVO ST :shock: - too much power (needs careful use of throttle) but good on fuel as it is revving lower. About 20kg heavier than your Ninja though so I envy your lighter weight .... 8)

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Hi Guys

Thank you all very much for your tips, advice and guidance on my first steps into PPG. I have spoken to Simon and discovered a school with motors and wings big enough to get me airbourne and trained. I have got some more thinking to do about what kit to buy once I have completed my training. I cant wait to get airbourne and join in with this new and exciting sport.

Can anyone tell me if there are any shows or conventions within the UK that has Motor Paragliding manufacturers? I would like to meet up with some like minded people to talk to and find out more.

Thank you


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