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Parajet Low Fuel Warning


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ParajetSimon (Leicester Branch) has come up with a very useful mod to the standard throttle unit on the Parajet.

His words....

I have made the proto type fuel warning device. The throttle has two 8mm LED lights. The top is red and is wired to a sensor in the tank, when the fuel level reaches a pre determined point the led illuminates. I have decided to wire this at the 2 litre mark.

The second led which is orange could also be used to mark a second pre dertermined level, like a count down warning... I have got a habit of forgetting to turn my motor back on after warming it up. It is a right pain when you have strapped yourself in, done your checks, shout "clear prop" and guess what... no power. You then have to take everything off to turn the damn thing on. For that reason I have wired the second orange LED as an ignition on warning light. That way from a glance I can see if the power is on ~ in case any on looker approaches the motor ~ and when I sit in it it will be my first check that the LED is on.

I have tried numerous LEDS and these are the biggest, strongest and brightest. You can get differant coloured LEDS but the red and orange are brighter.




Contact Simon for orders, he didn't mention cost or final configuration as this is a proposal, but earlier indications put the kit at around £20 - £30.

What do you think? Let Simon know HERE please.

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