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Dashboard for my Parajet

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Well, it has taken me the best part of a month, but stuDash is


Time mainly due to it being 20 years since I last did any

electronics, so had to read up on the books and remember it all

again..opamps and transistors, regulators, blablabal.

Anyway, hoped to christen it with its first flight today but it was

not to be, however all systems have now been tested and stuDash is


The main design idea behind this was to simplify taking my

technology into the air, and simplify cabling, taking/charging

batteries for things, etc so that it is a bit more just plug in and

go. But some other stuff got stuck to it as the thing evolved...!

piccies here if you fancy making your own:


summary of features:

Active Helmet,connected by single umbilical to stuDash©, and a

seperate single umbilical connected to a flight deck (where archos,

N95 and PDA are all attached and plugged into power alongside


All cabling to stuDash is routed through ali-pipe mounted alongside

right swing arm for protection and coolness...

-helmet video (using regulated 12v power feed from stuDash)

-throat audio (using regulated 12v power feed from stuDash)

-alternate mic (selectable with button on helmet - omni directional)

-heated gloves clip into helmet umbilical maintaining the easy 1

plug hookup to stuDash.

i.e. the only thing connecting me with paramotor is a single 8 way

plug. everything else stays on motor most of time.

StuDash features:

- rev counter (tiny tach)

- fuel guage (Jeremy's design)

- CHT meter.

- battery health meter (10 bar LED) working through 12-15v range)

- detailed volt and amp readout.

- heated gloves on/off switch and LED.

- power on/off switch and LED (for instrumentation not PPG)

- alternative video input switching (AUX1 and AUX2)

- helmet to aux video input switching (HELMET and AUX)

i.e. support for 3 live video feeds user selectable in flight via

stuDash for inflight 'edits'.

- headphones into helmet supported (can play music on N95 and is fed

into headphones in helmet)

- PDA gets 5v regulated power

- N95 gets 5v regulated power

- archos gets 5v regulated power

-auxiliary flight deck 5v regulated socket (future stuff)

-auxiliary flight deck 12v regulated socket (future stuff)

So my flight can now be recorded with 3 (inflight selectable) video

cameras (one with fish eye lense), the aux ones being mountable

wherever I feel like for each flight (wireless also supported). At

the same time I can use my N95 to listen to music and make/accept

calls (as well as it recording my GPS track as GPS backup). PDA runs

GPSDash2 giving me all the realtime readouts I need, and GPS

tracking, plus since they are both powered I can have them on nice

bright back light continuously.


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Anybody got the pics to this as link no longer valid. Tried PM'ing powerlord also but no reply.



sorry Ben, not checked here for a while.

You can see the piccies of stuDash on powerlord.smugmug.com

It's still working fine. fuel guage and CHT are invaluable.

Lastest video 'dashes' the video too:



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I'm curious about the OSD On Screen display on:


Did you overlay that after the fact or integrate it into the archos recording on the fly?

BTW thanks for the 720p suggestion for slo-mo in your other video, I may use that one myself.

Nice dashboard.

Be nice to see an annotated pic to show what lights show what, toggles do what etc.

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